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About Gcore CDN

Gcore CDN is a next-gen content delivery network that provides you with a collection of features to help your website perform better. Here’s how we do it.
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Reason #1

Low latency worldwide

We have a global network of hundreds of edge servers in more than 140 data centers around the world. That’s why we are close to your audience in every region and provide them with the best user experience.

Reason #2

Dynamic content acceleration

Your dynamically generated data and API calls will have a shorter round-trip time (RTT) since SSL handshaking is established with closely located edge servers, not with the origin. 

Reason #3

Fast DNS lookup

We harness our own authoritative DNS to establish quick connections with our edge servers. Gcore’s DNS service is one of the fastest and most robust in Europe. 

Reason #4

HTTP/3 (beta)

HTTP/3, the new standard in how web servers and browsers communicate, runs over QUIC, a UDP-based protocol with built-in TLS encryption. This means your users will spend less time establishing connections with their browser and get a better website experience.

Reason #5

Outstanding connectivity

Direct connection to internet service providers and traffic exchange points allows us to find the best route for every request and thereby improve the speed and responsiveness of your website. 

  • 11,000+ peering partners

  • 100+ internet exchange points 

  • Direct access to Tier-I internet service providers

Reason #6

Anycast and GeoDNS

Our global infrastructure uses Anycast and GeoDNS routing to establish and maintain fast connectivity. In addition to the reduced response time, It will embolden your website’s DDoS resiliency.

Reason #7

File compression

Brotli and Gzip file compression reduces the volume of the website files; this makes it faster for the user’s browser to download web content.

Reason #8

Image optimization

When image optimization is on, your users will interact only with lightweight and well-sized images instead of their heavy originals.





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Reason #9

We have a free version!

You can easily test Gcore CDN for your business needs or use it for your small personal projects — all with no upfront investment on your part. Both pro- and enterprise-grade tiers are available as well.

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Free entry-level WAF
Protect your app from the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities
Free SSL certificate
Use the secure connection to protect against man-in-the-middle attacks
TLS 1.3 with 0-RTT
Use the latest version of TLS with reduced handshake time
Easy log viewing
View and export logs of your CDN via the control panel
Detailed statistic
View reports with detailed information about the CDN usage
Extended API
Easy CDN management via API
Terraform support
Easy CDN management via Terraform
Grafana support
View traffic statistics and other metrics via Grafana
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